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PAT extensions

these are classes and functions taken from different packages found on the web :
Package Used In Main Author Url License
TreeView Folder View Marcelino Martins Free
PhpMyExplorer Some functions Erlé Le Gac ???
AudioFile Audio File Informations Michael Kamleitner ???
MIME Types Class Mime Types Keyvan Minoukadeh GPL
tar Class TAR and TGZ support Josh Barger LGPL
Zip file creation class Zip Support PhpMyAdmin Team GPL
php-downloader File Download Robert Kummer GPL
MyUpload.php Upload of Files Pierre-Yves Lemaire "as is"
XT-Dump Export of Mysql Tables DreaXTeam GPL
Caffeine Monkey Networking informations Phillip Stansell & Damien Heiser GPL
HTTP class Raw view of HTTP requests Manuel Lemos BSD
Whois class domain information Chris free
simplescan Port Scanner Michal Cumpl GPL
compactphp Php code compacter Hannes Dorn GPL
beautifyphp Php code beautifyer Jens Bierkandt GPL
randomWord Password Generator kumar mcmillan free
securepwd Password Security Check Llorenç Herrera free

There is in PAT 18 parts, classes, librairies or full programs! Think to Re-use hard work of others! Big Thanks to all those developpers...
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