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in 0.0.9 beta (2003-09-25 23:00)

* added system information page (phpsysinfo or pat_winsysinfo)
* begin moving to css styles
* improved right click menu to be exactly like a gui right click
* added ftp explorer, but with no functions
* added a security check on every file set in buffers, copy and selection. 
  this should improve security as only files child of explorer root
  directory are given to 'action_*' files
* mozilla javascript compatibility fixes :
   809164  [0.0.8/mozilla] right click menu doesn't pop up
   809165  [0.0.8/mozilla] clock
   now we can consider PAT stable with mozilla javascript

in 0.0.8 beta (2003-07-22 15:00)

* finished chmod action
* added a logo :)
* fixed bug [ 721796 ] [since 0.0.5] file editor and  tags
* added a crypt page for hashing or encrypting in DES, MD5, RC4, base64
* added a thumbnail view for files
* changed colors and added comments for editing PAT preferences :)
* added a port scanner
* added a whois domain information
* added a php code compacter
* added a php code beautifier
* finished right click menu :]
* moved file information field to a js alt-o-matic on link
* moved debug messages from html source to an external window (php_js_debugger)
* added some features to php_js_debugger
* fixed bug [  ] [since 0.0.5] wrong ini entry for database password
* fixed some strings for intertionalisation
* reordered explorer gui-like menu
* added javascript functions to have custom icons for menu items
* fixed insert_link() menu function
* added perseverstate variable so that tree opened folders are reminded
* added an auto folder tree reload when a modification is done on folders
* added security checks for https connection and basic auth authentification
* fixed bug [753222] folders not writeable 
* fixed bug [738312] cache stored time 
* added a password generator
* added a password security checker

in 0.0.7 patch 1 (2003-04-13 00:00)

* fixed menu download feature for zip files. tgz is still buggy and not usable
  and single download file doesn't work yet

in 0.0.7 beta (2003-04-06 00:00)

* corrected upload feature to be more explicit : which extensions are accepted,
  what file has been copied
* added caffeine monkey
* added raw http request
* added an sql file importer by copy paste method, as well as a sql file viewer
* added a Netscape-like browser full screen view

in 0.0.6 beta 2 (2003-02-03 00:00)

* added better support for mysql server
   - listing of databases
* corrected bug of export mysql to file script

in 0.0.6 beta (2003-01-31 00:00)

* added language and theme support
* added partial support for mysql server. Actually is supported
   - export of mysql tables to files
* added support for functions call back for 'set' in config class (values may be returned
  by a function instead of the config file. used for theme and language selection)
* added alternate colors in configuration page
* added higlight html, xml has been improved
* fixed bug : 668151 partial fix Javascript compatibility for Netscape. only clock
  is still not working
* fixed bug : 669041 file sorting 
* fixed bug : 669044 fix php3info.php 
* fixed bug : 672515 on file list click 
* fixed bug : 673069 create file verbose output

in 0.0.5 beta (2003-01-17 00:00)

first release 0.0.5 (2003-01-10 22:50)
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