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This program is a File Management Program as well as a compilation of usefull tools for web administration.

PAT stands for Php Admin Tools

This program is intended to be lightest as possible in server charge and file transfert.

It uses as much as possible Javascript, although compatibility is not completely supported (Nescape like browsers has been slightly tested. it works, it doesn't affect main functions)

To be faster, it only uses files (no database) and also a file cache which can improve by 1000x factor rendering speed of a page

It only uses images for file listing and the total weight is 90 ko, in order to speed up rendering of a page even on a slow server or restricted bandwith.

compared to others file managers : smart design, a lot of function a 'mass change' : multiples files could be changed in one time. It also include now a foetus of mysql manager which is unique : you can handle tables as you handle files

In developpement

FTP client, in order to manage local files, databases and tables, ftp files with only one interface!

Latest versions

stable : 0.0.9

beta : 0.0.9


List of folders and files as close as possible as any other file explorer
selection is made easy and intuitive
support standard file management : cut, copy, paste, delete, recursive deletion of folder
support advanced file management : merge of files, not limited by any php ini directive
support advanced text file management : view, highlight with line numbers, editing

Advanced details of images, audio files, and tar archives

Management of htaccess and htpasswd files

Advanced Informations of Php and loaded extensions

Program Menus

only a part of it is actually supported (marked by two star if complete, one if incomplete none if not supported). Program is in developpement

Cut **
Copy Selected **
Copy All **
Paste **
Delete Selected **
Delete All **
Create Folder **
Create File **
Show **
Edit **
Backup **
Rename **
Merge **
Archive in TAR, TGZ or ZIP **
Informations **
>File Transfert<
Download as Tar*
Download as tgz*
Download as zip**
Upload from web url**
>Basic Authentification<
Add User Limited Protection **
Add All Users Protection **
Remove Protection **
Add User **
Remove User **
Change User Password**
Invert **
All **
None **
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